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Specialists in Integrated Pest Management and Biological Control

Founded by Greg Gaffney in 1975, Bio Ag Services is staffed by highly respected specialists in Integrated Pest Management.  No other company has more depth of experience and knowledge about tree and vine pests and their control including both chemical and biological.  We are also California’s leading Grape Bud Analysis service.        Read More


Bio Ag Services

Pest Management – Our consultants monitor your vineyard or orchard, evaluate the diseases and pests and their biological control, alert you to upcoming treatment timings, and write recommendations using the most effective and economical chemicals that will not lead to costly disruptions of other pests.  When appropriate, we arrange for release of effective predators or parasites.

Beneficial Arthropods – Parasites and predatory insects and mites can help control many farm pests.  Our experience will help you choose the most effective beneficials and release them with proper timing, avoiding costly mistakes.

Grape Bud Analysis – knowing the number, size, and location of future bunches on your spurs and canes will help you make pruning decisions that maximize your yield and minimize your thinning costs.  If your vineyard has low fruitfulness, clues within the buds can help diagnose a problem such as early or mid-season carbohydrate balance, or perhaps bud mite damage.  Bio Ag is California’s leading bud analysis service for a good reason.  We provide more information than anyone else.

Plant Health – We take samples for soil and nutrient analysis and give recommendations for improving the health of your crop. Our line of organic plant stimulants will help increase your yield and quality.