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Tom Greenwell, Greenwell Farms in Hawaii (processor of over one million pounds of coffee)Tom Greenwell, Greenwell Farms in Hawaii (processor of over one million pounds of coffee)
“Ten years ago, the trees in Kona were being attacked by root-knot nematodes. Trees were dying because the coffee tree roots were not uptaking nutrition. For over five years, until I could graft over my coffee plants to resistant roots, Greg kept my trees alive by foliar feeding with K-Zyme, Fish-Protein, potassium and zinc. I was getting the same results for approximately 10,000 lbs. per acre that I had before the nematode problem. I am very pleased with his service and products.”

The late George Zaninovich, VBZ Grapes near Delano, CA
“Since we have been using Bio Ag’s products, especially K-Zyme and Fish-Protein, our Thompsons and Red Globe have ranked number 1 out of 30 growers in our area on number one and number two fruit for two years.”

Jose Carreon, Carreon Farms in Maricopa, CA
“By using Greg’s K-Zyme, the stretch has been remarkable. I took some pictures last year of some bunches that were 24 inches in length. We tipped it and it made beautiful grapes. I told Greg last year, where were you ten years ago? I wish I was using your products then!”

Ryan Jackson, Jackson Farms in Kingsburg, CA
“I used Bio Ag’s Soil Food on an experiment with another company we are using to see the difference. The product was used on nectarines, plums and young peaches. In all cases I increased a size in fruit. I put some of it on young peaches, with some left over, and the branches grew about 2 ft in one month.”