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About US

Bio Ag Services has been helping farmers increase yields and quality since 1975

BIO-AG president Greg Gaffney received his MS in horticulture at CSU Fresno in 1976. His other major areas of study include soil/plant nutrition.

Bio Ag Services ran a laboratory for soil and plant nutrition for 10 years. In 1975-to 2010 Bio Ag Services reared and released predatory mites Galendromous o. and several species of parasites.  Currently we are a wholesale distributor of  beneficial insects. Greg Gaffney demonstrated in his thesis in 1975-76 that by releasing predatory mites in almonds the predatory mites would reduce or eliminate insecticides for mites. The block with predatory mites had 60% reduction in population and no spray was needed. The control had two miticides.

 Bio Ag Services was one of the first companies using kelp and fish products, developing a line of Organic products. Currently Bio Ag distributes kelp products from Ocean Organics.  Bio Ag does have two organic products Soil Food Organic which is blended by California Organic Fertilizer using our formula and is certified organic, and our second product is Fish Protein-Certified Organic and is packaged in Pennsylvania and shipped by  the truckload to growers.

In 1980 Greg Gaffney began his own organic farms operation in Fresno County for 35 years.

From orchards to vineyards to fields …

Bio Ag Services are pioneers in Pest Management, Biological Control, Plant Nutrition and Grape Bud Analysis.

Our Bio Ag team serves the ag community from Madera, Fresno, Kings, Tulare, and Kern counties. Bio Ag has 5 full time consultants, Rob Weaver manager, Scott Lecrone, John white, Josh Walsh, Garrett Doss and as a retired advisor Doctor Devin Carroll. Incorporate picture and byline later.

We are independent  consultants working for you.  

Soil Food®

Stimulates root growth, increases microbial activity and releases locked nutrients

Ocean Organics

The most effective and powerful kelp concentrate on the market

Fish Protein

Hydrolyze fish protein, derived from whole fish. (not plants)

Using the Bio-Ag NSI 3-prong attack helps growers to maximize their results in wine, table or raisin grapes. (2002)