About US

BIO-AG has been helping Central CA farmers up their yields since 1975

BIO-AG president Greg Gaffney received his MS in horticulture at CSU Fresno in 1976. His other major areas of study include soil/plant nutrition and entomology. He started BIO-AG in Fresno, CA in 1975 and began specializing in biological control and plant nutrition. Using his own lab for analysis, he became the first company commercially rearing and releasing predatory insects in the San Joaquin Valley.

In 1980, Greg began his own organic farming operation in Fresno County. His first crops were mainly vegetables and fruit trees. He started the first local composting operation using the Scarab machine. Use of this device is now common among farmers.

A member of California Certified Organic Farmers, he has represented this organization at the state level for two years and at the county level for four years. During his many years as an organic farmer, his unique blends of organic materials (especially kelp derived products) have attracted considerable attention in the farming industry. In addition to selling these products to farmers, Greg is available as a soil and plant nutrition consultant and welcomes your farming questions.

From orchards to vineyards to fields …

BIO-AG NSI offers a completely integrated growth program, specifically blended to increase crop size, yield and quality.

Designed to work in conjunction with good agricultural practices, these BIO-AG NSI products are your key to increased growth and profitability:

K-Zyme® Organic bio-stimulant
Soil Food® Stimulates root growth, increases microbial activity and releases locked nutrients
Ocean Organics The most effective and powerful kelp concentrate on the market
Fish Protein Hydrolyzed whole fish protein made from plants

Using the Bio-Ag NSI 3-prong attack helps growers to maximize their results in wine, table or raisin grapes.