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Phytamin® Natural Organic Fertilizers are designed for Maximum Efficiency. Each product is formulated using the highest quality and highest analysis ingredients available. Each product is made using specific ingredients to provide the most effective availability of required nutrients for the cro…


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NanoCrop is an organic pest control solution to simplify crop protection –– helps to eliminate sapsucking insects, mold, and mildew while boosting plant health, maintaining vitality, and providing translaminar protection. NanoCrop Label SDS Contact Us

Research and Development

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CASE STUDIES Crimson Trial Delano Farms Giumarra K-Zyme Experiment Contact us

Ocean Organics – Certified Organic

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Ocean Organics HI-K and Complex 0-0-6 is derived from seaweed. They use cold water processing which we believe retains more nutrients and biostimulants. In a study conducted to see if there was a difference between Ocean and our competitor we had higher amounts of biostimulants. Ocean Organic pr…

Soil Food Organic – Conventional

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Soil Food is a protein carbon complex which feeds the microbes in the soil. When they increase they breakdown and release minerals that may be locked up in the soil and make them available to the plant. Soil Food Organic can be used on all crops, suggested rate is 10-20 gallons per acre for the …