Fish Protein – Certified Organic

Fish Protein Fertilizer

The concept of using fish as a fertilizer is not new, early native Americans used fish when planting corn. Hydrolyzed fish is protein for plants, generally commercial fertilizer in a nitrogen for must be converted to protein, by using Fish as fertilizer the protein is already available to the plant. Hydrolyzed fish protein is a foliar and soil product. Fish Protein is readily available to the plant compared to a commercial nitrogen source. Plants have to convert commercial nitrogen to a protein to be used. Fish is protein and the plant readily takes it in. Foliar recommendations is 2-5 pounds per acre 2-3 times during the season. Soil applied recommendation is 3-5 gallons per acre 2-4 times. Fish Protein also acts like a spreader sticker at a rate of .5 to l pound per acre. Fish Protein is compatible with pesticides.