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BIO-AG NSI Program for Success


Use Soil Food Organic in the spring, root flush, use 5-10 gal. 3-4 times during the growing season, 20 -30 gallons for the season. Advantages: Promotes new root growth, feeds soil microbes and bacteria, and in doing so releases nutrients to the plant. In addition, Soil Food Organic will decrease the stress on the plant, especially during high heat periods during the summer. Use K-Zyme when the bunch is from 1-3 inches in length. Use 3-4quarts plus 1 lb. of Fish Protein. It is usually applied once, but some growers are applying it twice. The K-Zyme increases cell division and will lengthen the rachis of the bunch in most cases by 15-25%. Used in tight berry situations and obtaining higher yields


Soil Food Organic: Same application as above. K-Zyme can be used during bloom. It will increase set. Sizing needed, apply after set 3-4 times plus Fish-Protein. The rate is 2 -3 quarts K-Zyme and 1-3 lbs of Fish-Protein.


K-Zyme has been used successfully on grapes during 5-10 percent color break. Suggest using 1 pint every 7-10 days 3-5 times, can be used with ethereal.

Treatment Using Soil Food Organic and K-Zyme (Jackson Farm)

Graphic proof:  The trees on the left were not treated with Soil Food Organic or K-Zyme. The trees on the right were treated with Soil Food Organic and K-Zyme.

  • Before

  • After