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    Bio Ag provides one of the most respected and experienced agricultural pest management services in California.

    Bio Ag is a leader in both organic and conventional pest management. 

     Our pest management plans are founded on a broad knowledge of agricultural ecology, including pest life histories, natural enemies, plant health, soil nutrients, soil biology, and weather.

     Our weekly inspections and reports inform our growers about pest levels and stages, natural enemies that may control the pests, upcoming spray timings, and options for control.

     With the independent recommendations of our staff Pest Control Advisers, growers can shop around for the lowest pesticide prices.  Growers also save money because we do not recommend unnecessary or inappropriate sprays.

     We recommend pesticides and adjuvants that control pests most effectively, at the right time, economically, and with minimal disruption of parasites and predators.  Maintaining this biological control prevents future outbreaks and keeps other pests below damaging levels.
      When appropriate, we augment the endemic natural enemies by releasing new predators or parasites shipped from insectaries.

      This approach of using ecological principles to combine wise use of pesticides with biological and cultural control methods is known in our profession as Integrated Pest Management, or IPM.