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Our Staff


Greg Gaffney founded Bio Ag Services in 1979. Greg was among the pioneers in the use of predatory mites to control mite outbreaks, and has many years of experience in integrated pest management and biological control procedures in orchards and vineyards. Today Greg devotes most of his time to our successful line of plant stimulants and nutrients, and to his organic farm. Greg earned a bachelor’s degree from Cal. State Univ. Fresno, and also did master’s degree research on predatory mites.

Scott Lecrone covers our south Valley territory from his home in Bakersfield. Scott first joined Bio Ag in 1983, left in 1986 to do vegetable IPM research in Florida followed by developmental projects in Indonesia, then returned to Bio Ag in 1999. Scott has IPM and biological control expertise in grapes, almonds, and potatoes. He has over 10 years’ experience in grape bud analysis. Scott earned his B.A. from Gettysburg College and his M.S. from Penna. State University.

Robert Weaver joined our pest management team in 2011 after working in pest management since 1998. Rob has also been helping Greg with our plant stimulants and nutrients. Rob has IPM and biological control expertise in almonds, pistachios, raisin and wine grapes, citrus, stonefruit, and pomegranates. He has shown a high aptitude for grape bud analysis, and has taken over managing that part of Bio Ag Services. Rob earned his B.S. from Cal. Poly Agricultural Systems Management, San Luis Obispo, with minors in plant science and Agribusiness (1994-1998).

John White joined Bio Ag for the 2013 season after interning for a year with another south Valley pest management firm.  John has quickly advanced in his knowledge and responsibilities in scouting grapes, almonds, and pistachios.  He is finishing up pest management classes at Bakersfield College and gaining the experience required to qualify for a PCA license.  Pest management is a career change for John, who spent many years in respiratory therapy.